Platform of tokenized Diamonds.

Blockchain ecosystem and offline infrastructure of efficient emission, logistics and storage of tokenized diamonds of given quality with internal payment and service tool. Join the ecosystem


DIAMEX is a blockchain ecosystem and offline infrastructure of efficient emission, logistics and storage of tokenized diamonds of given quality with internal payment tool - DMEX token. We create liquidity and investment attractiveness to the diamond industry through standardization turning diamond into a commodity by analogy with precious metals and crude oil. DIAMEX is founded by businessmen and experts from the diamond industry, professional private bankers and fund managers (such as UBS, JP Morgan, Bank of China, Private family offices) and technological entrepreneurs with proven VC traction and successful IT solutions already running on the market.

Which problems do we solve?

In DIAMEX we resolve the entire spectrum of issues faced by the diamond industry by building vertically integrated system for operations with diamonds including offline logistics, storage and efficient taxa-on.


Liquidity - We create a liquid diamond market by commoditizing diamonds through introduction of DMEX Standard for the diamonds which are used for tokenization


Finance accounting - We create “investment grade” system for buying, selling and storing diamonds which underlie the tokens, by using independent 3rd party depositaries and administrators, to protect token holders against loss of assets.


Transparency - We create auditable and accountable form for holding diamonds in tokenized form to give a new instrument for portfolio managers, institutional funds and high net worth individuals for their alternative investment portfolios - – the approach similar to gold certificates and gold ETFs


To develop ecosystem and infrastructure we implement multi-round private DMEX token placement. DMEX is an internal ecosystem fuel and a fundraising instrument for DIAMEX development. DMEX has utility nature and properties but to reduce legal risks we are going to be compliant with Reg S and/or Reg D in the US.
  • DMEX - returns to diamonds their consumer appeal
  • DMEX - manages the ecosystem, gives additional bonuses and discounts
  • DMEX Standard - creates a benchmark for the diamond market

Our Roadmap

  • Stage 1
    Forming the international team and key concepts of DIAMEX business processes
  • Stage 2
    Launch of DIAMEX development
  • Stage 3
    Entering into an agreement with partners from jewelry and finance industry
  • Stage 4
    Holding three of private rounds for creating of the DMEX token
  • Stage 8
    Launch the DIAMEX platform into full mode
  • Stage 7
    Establishing the representative office
  • Stage 6
    Establishing of the first SPV to conduct auctions for diamonds of DMEX Standard
  • Stage 5
    Development of the DIAMEX platform

Frequently Asked Quesions

Onward and upward, productize the deliverables and focus on the bottom line drop-dead date translating our vision of having a market leading platfrom drop-dead date.